What are Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

The current phenomenon of cryptocurrency distribution has rapidly attracted the attention of both businesses and individuals worldwide. An increasing number of well-known charities and non-profit organizations are launching their own cryptocurrency reward programs. With all this, crypto donations are becoming more and more popular as a donation avenue.

Is the cryptocurrency Airdrop a game-changer in the donation industry?

Blockchains enable the distribution of cryptocurrency in a completely transparent and secure way, eliminating the hassles of the transfer process and reducing the costs involved in it.

Many people are interested in participating in such Airdrops but struggle with finding the right person to receive the crypto donation.

Airdrops without a sponsor take place via a decentralized Airdrop server. The sender sends the data of the correct address and cryptocurrency.

A decentralized Airdrop server will create a transaction and will send the right amount to the address specified by the sender. This step is the easiest and fastest part of the process, however, the donation recipient has to click on a download link provided by the server.

After the recipient clicks on the download link, the server will register the transaction and all tokens are released to the recipient.

This type of airdrop usually requires lots of technical know-how and cryptocurrency knowledge.

Donations that are handled by airdrops are handled by the platform itself. The donation platforms will store the donation and transfer it to the appropriate address, which the recipient should click on.

Different organizations, like EFF, UNICEF, ChangeTip, The Doctors Without Borders and many others have launched projects where funds are being distributed to various non-profit organizations via cryptocurrency. These initiatives are often called “cryptocurrency Airdrops”.

As a significant contribution to the charitable industry, blockchain based projects such as Project Wink, Airdrop itBit and ChangeTip Airdrop allow donors to easily send money to non-profit organizations in a completely transparent way. The organization which is receiving the donation must have a Bitcoin wallet and a unique URL that they can share with their donors.

Here is an example of a Bitcoin Airdrop performed by ChangeTip:

Coinmama is a Bitcoin Airdrop platform that uses smart contracts to automatically distribute the donations to a specified amount to the selected non-profit organization, according to the amount specified. The donation is then sent to the Bitcoin wallet of the organization. The smart contract ensures that the donation is not lost if the address shared by the organization gets flooded with transactions.

The adoption of cryptocurrency in the non-profit sector has grown quickly and governments across the world are very much aware of it. Charities and non-profit organizations have realized that cryptocurrencies are the best means for accepting donations in a more transparent and secure way and they have developed their own blockchain-based cryptocurrency donation platforms to allow donors to easily receive their donations and keep the transactions secure.

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