WazirX Crypto Exchange Review

WazirX is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India. The website has got a super easy and hassle-free signup process, allowing any person to buy, sell and store bitcoins in this cryptocurrency world. The basic operating procedure at WazirX involves just a few clicks. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies available on this platform, i.e. bitcoin, ripple, dogecoin, litecoin, and Tron. A few of these cryptocurrencies have seen massive growth, while some have witnessed a huge downfall in price, making them more affordable than ever. Currently, Bitcoin is dominating the market, having a maximum market share of about 70%. The payment gateway can be accessed from any platform that has access to the Internet.

The exchange allows the users to make several transactions. Buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins, buy dogecoins, sell dogecoins, and so on are a few transactions the user can make. The users can buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins, buy dogecoins, sell dogecoins, and so on. The user can buy as many bitcoins as desired, however, the transaction fees are quite expensive. The commission on buy transactions varies between 3.5 and 7.5%, and on sell transactions, the commission is between 0.5 and 5%. The dogecoin and litecoin are not available on the exchange platform at the time of writing this review. On WazirX, every seller charges a fee that is of the same nature as the commission. The commission will vary according to the current market price of the cryptocurrency. The withdrawal of money is not allowed on this platform, but the users can request a full withdrawal after completing the bitcoin transaction. The user can also keep a certain amount of bitcoins on his/her virtual wallet. The withdrawals are free of charge.

How to Buy Bitcoins on the Exchange?

The user has to visit the ‘Buy’ tab on the website and find a category called ‘Digital Currencies’ under ‘Key Market Picks’. The user can choose bitcoin from this category. The user should carefully study the details about this virtual currency. This is the first step of buying bitcoins. The next step is to create a free account on the WazirX exchange platform. The user needs to enter his/her personal information in order to create an account. After the registration, the user can proceed with the process of creating a new account. After entering his/her personal information, the user can proceed with the process of creating an account. It is advisable to fill up the entire personal information.

Following the registration, the user can buy bitcoins from any bitcoin wallet provider. The user needs to pay the service provider such as coinbase, metamask, or Blockchain. Each service provider charges a different commission on the transaction. The user can choose bitcoin from the exchange to pay these fees. The service provider is verified by the exchange before the transaction takes place. The verification process takes about one hour. The user can buy bitcoins in USD or bitcoin in EUR. After the purchase, the user can store the coins in the wallet. The wallet needs to be created with the help of the service provider. The user can convert the coins to other forms of cryptocurrency. The users can create as many bitcoin wallets as desired. It is possible to buy bitcoins in all possible cryptocurrencies.

The WazirX exchange platform has multiple categories available for buyers. The ‘Buy Bitcoins’ category allows users to buy bitcoins. The transaction fee is quite steep. The ‘Exchange’ and ‘Sell bitcoins’ categories allow sellers to sell bitcoins. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Rupees. The seller charges a commission of 10 on every transaction. The seller charges an 10 on each transaction.

The transactions are quick but expensive. A few more steps need to be taken to complete the transaction. The final step is to have the full withdrawal of bitcoins. A user can fill the withdrawal form and send bitcoins to his/her address. However, the withdrawal is free of charge. After filling the withdrawal form and sending the bitcoins, the user can see the transaction status. The customer service team is active 24/7. It is possible to receive the money by either paying a nominal fee or by providing an email ID. The customer service team provides the withdrawal confirmation email. The person can use this email to make his/her next transaction. The process takes about one hour for the withdrawal to be complete.

The WazirX exchange has several advantages over the other exchange platforms. It is the only major virtual currency exchange platform in the Philippines that allows the purchase and sale of bitcoins. The currency exchange services are instantaneous and accessible 24 hours a day. There are no limits on the exchange of bitcoins, and the withdrawal of bitcoins is free of charge.

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