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Binance Backed Most awaited Crypto Startup Cere Network is all set to launch on sept.30

What is CERE Network?

Binance Backed Cere Network is the first of its kind Decentralized Data Cloud Platform (DDC) platform in alignment with PolkaDot, optimized for service data integration and data collaboration.

While most blockchains are simply distributed ledgers, the Cere DDC platform is built to power the new generation of first-party customer data ecosystems.

Cere Network is a blockchain enterprise via the Decentralized Data Cloud ( DDC ) platform enterprise solutions.

Cere Network facilitates a new level of security and efficiency for businesses through a variety of blockchain-focused innovations.

Services Offerd by Cere network

1. Decentralized Data Cloud

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) lifts the bar for data ecosystems in terms of privacy, compliance, interoperability, and agility to a whole new level. It enables businesses to fully leverage the potential of their most precious asset – their consumers.

2. Cere’s SaaS-DeFi

Via Cere’s SaaS-DeFi smart contracts, all the fees, B2B2C contracts, and invoices from the Cere Marketplaces can be easily mapped to the DeFi realm, effectively bridging enterprise operations with decentralized finance.

By connecting the corporate cash flow and assets that have already been on-boarded onto the Cere SaaS platform to the rapidly growing DeFi landscape, Cere SaaS-DeFi enables enterprises to better utilize their sidelined capital, optimize their financial operations, create frictionless payment experiences for their customer base, and tap into the supercharged liquidity of DeFi.

3. NFT Marketplace

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud platform, with its multi-party encrypted data sharing technology, unlocks the incredible potential of secure asset distribution, where only NFT holders can enjoy the full experience of NFT-backed content.

Cere will offer a cutting-edge, blockchain-tested technology solution for real-world and crypto platforms. The NFT marketplace will be directly integrated with social media, allowing for increased adoption. Our new royalty NFT contract will set the norm for direct, real-world revenue distribution to stakeholders.

Cere Network’s Core Layers

Layer-1 – Optimized for Enterprise Usage

The Cere Layer-1 blockchain, which has been designed for enterprise use, lies at the heart of the ecosystem.

Layer 1 lays the groundwork for interoperable identity and data protection solutions, as well as facilitating the secure validation of data and asset transfer across the whole ecosystem.

While the Cere Layer-1 is designed for enterprise adoption (improved throughput, assured SLAs, and so on), it is also inclusive (open to all) and entirely decentralized in architecture and governance.

While Cere’s Layer-1 is intent on bridging the wide gap between enterprise needs for privacy, scale, ease of use, and real-world use cases, and existing blockchain technology, it is also fully compatible with Polkadot to meet interoperability criteria.

Scaling Via Interoperability – Substrate Capabilities

The Substrate Compatibility

Using Substrate runtime components and cross-chain smart contracts, Cere can achieve cross-chain asset transfers with all public networks.

Horizontal Scalability

Cere Layer-1 blockchain heterogeneous sharding and beyond (Polkadot, Cosmos, Binance, Ethereum, etc).

Polkadot Parachain

Cere’s future parachain will benefit from the extra security and integrations given by Polkadot’s relay chain and ecosystem.

Cere for Enterprises – Distributed Ecosystem, Dapps & Open Data Marketplaces

Cere’s Layer-1 cross-chain compatibility with networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, and others puts it in a unique position to connect the world’s largest enterprises with the fastest-growing decentralized ecosystems.

Use Cases


Cere provides customized product options to 1st to 3rd party partners in order to enhance existing user experiences. The secure exchange of personalized data, together with smart offers and discounts given as derivative assets to each user’s own wallet, is essential for enabling the full automation of this process.


By utilizing a plug-and-play gamification module that can enhance the user experience of any app/site, Media Cere assists media firms in improving long-term user retention and content engagement. The Cere SDK works in tandem with each user’s personal wallet/ledger to fully automate these often difficult to integrate use cases.


Credit cards rely on benefits and rebates provided by banks and their partners to boost usage (for example, earning one mile for every dollar spent). Cere introduces a new degree of data interoperability and secure asset/value exchange to help banks and partners better automate such integrations.


Cere is a plug-and-play solution that enhances a brand’s hyper-personalization strategy. Brands can enhance their online to in-store conversions by implementing clever loyalty and payment solutions.

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Important links :

Cere Network Website – https://cere.network/

Cere Network Light Paper – https://cere.network/assets/pdf/Cere-Network-Lite-Paper.pdf

Cere Network Telegram – https://t.me/cerenetwork_official

Cere Network Twitter – https://twitter.com/cerenetwork

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